Lost white Tribes

Lost White Tribes - Journeys among the Forgotten

"A humanistic book, revolving around tales of dying places and dying communities, around people who live surrounded by old furniture, old verandah, old books…The lost white tribes are individuals living a chapter of history that for the rest of the mankind is forever closed. Which is why, despite Riccardo Orizio's sympathy with these obscure heroes, his is nevertheless an anti-colonial book, a demonstration of the fact that this particular human adventure can never be re-lived. It belongs to the past and to the past only…Above all, this book is a wonderful piece of reportage. It is the book of a man who has travelled to remote places and come back with a completely new map of the colonial world".

Ryszard Kapuscinski

Parola del diavolo. Lost White Tribes
Journeys among the Forgotten

Secker & Warburg
London, 6 April 2000

History, with its loose ends, rough edges, strange anomalies and surreal quirks, is rarely neat. The quirky and anomalous leftover colonial communities described in Lost White Tribes are a case in point. As Milanese journalist Riccardo Orizio puts it in the introduction, the European emigrants left stranded by the retreating tides of imperialism are among today's "forgotten people". Click for Reviews >>
Encounters with Seven Dictators

Lost White Tribes
Journeys among the Forgotten
London, 1 March 2001

In Jamaica, Anton Wedemeyer wears his once-blond hair in dreadlocks and believes in Ras Tafari. Near São Paulo, a man named Fernando, whose only English word is "yes", attends a ceremony where someone dressed as General Robert E Lee re-enacts the surrender at Appomattox in 1865. Click for Reviews >>


Talk of the Devil Tribù bianche perdute
Viaggio tra i dimenticati
Roma, Ottobre 2000

Un ottimo giornalista che, anni fa, su un grande quotidiano di Milano fece rizzare i pelucchi di lana (colorati di tutti i colori del mondo) a un produttore di maglioni per un'inchiesta choc sullo sfruttamento di lavoro minorile in una fabbrica turca, ha sornionamente socchiuso la strada a una tendenza elettrizzante. I fatti: Riccardo Orizio, ora responsabile della redazione CNNItalia di Atlanta (Usa), si fa venire in mente che è il momento di saggiare efficacia & credibilità dell'industria globalizzata. Click for Reviews >>
Talk of the Devil   Lost White Tribes
The Free Press
New York, July 2001

Ever wonder what became of that unfortunate Belgian clerk in Conrad's Heart of Darkness, who insisted upon wearing a starched collar despite the stifling Congo heat? Italian journalist Orizio shows that he may well have stayed on. Like Ryszard Kapuscinski, who provides a brief foreword, Orizio has a wonderful eye for cultural anachronisms and uncovers colonial remains in the form of white enclaves in Third World settings. Click for Reviews >>
Talk of the Devil   Vergeten Blanke Stammen
Amsterdam, October 2000

In het kielzog van de Verenigde Oost- en Westindische Compagnie kwamen in de 17e eeuw vele Nederlandse gelukzoekers naar de Nieuwe Wereld: Amerika, Azië en Afrika. De meesten keerden na verloop van tijd terug, anderen bleven. Zij namen de spraak van de nieuwe machthebbers over en huwden de oorspronkelijke volken. Slechts een paar groepen integreerden niet. Click for Reviews >>